Banksia Court, Murdoch University

The redevelopment of Banksia Court at Murdoch University, was designed to enhance the ‘on-campus’ experience for staff and students, based upon the abstraction of the Banksia species which are prevalent on site.

Murdoch University
Project Status
Completed 2014

A key feature of Banksia Court was the significant amount of existing trees (Marri’s and Banksia’s) worthy of retention and integration into a structured thematic planting plan. The planting plan was intended to showcase the unique Western Australian Banksia’s form, texture and vegetation associations to maximum effect.

The central destination / meeting point which included a shade structure and informal seating opportunities, was to reflect Murdoch University’s unique design aesthetic in the development of themes and artworks that referenced the remnent pockets of existing vegetation.

The surface treatments upon the ground plane, the built form of the structures and the spatial arrangement of artworks provide opportunities for the thematic links to become integrated into the landscape.

The idea of ‘discovery’ was explored through artwork, signs and experience, with the division of mass planted terraced areas through secondary paths and pockets of feature planting. Whilst developing the landscape master plan for the site, the safety of users was paramount in relation to sightlines, visual permeability, lighting and fencing, particularly regarding security for users after hours.

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