Clementine Estate, Upper Swan

The first stage of the development centres around the site of a former farm cottage and grape drying shed, which have been recreated to capture the spirit and character of the original property, and have been opened to the local community for the hosting of functions, events and gatherings.

Satterley Property Group
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Existing mature trees have been retained and integrated into the design, including a Jarrah tree carved with the family of the former owners, the Glavota family, and an Erythrina crista-galli planted from seed by them.

Stage1 also includes a large park on the fringe of the Ellen Brook foreshore reserve which contains community facilities, including an adventure playground, shelter and picnic areas. The use of locally inspired materials and themes including galvanised steel and timber structures inspired bythe architectural vernacular of grape drying sheds helps to develop a strong sense of community and a deep connection to the Upper Swan area.

This sense of place is being enhanced by the naming of the new parks after the former European landowners, and using public artist Anne Neil to design artworks for each park to honour the former landowners. These artworks are being designed in close consultation with Satterley Property Group, PLAN E and the former landowners.

Clementine is nestled in a semi-rural setting adjacent to the heavily treed Ellen Brook and associated foreshore reserve which fringes the northern and western development boundaries, providing a sense of containment and a very attractive backdrop to the new community. There is also a strong visual connection to the nearby Darling Ranges to the east.

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