Place of Reflection, Kings Park

Place of Reflection has been designed to create a unique commemorative pavilion for those who have endured loss or trauma to have a quiet place for personal contemplation and peace.

Parks & Recreation
Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority
Project Status
Completed 2012

Nestled within Roe Gardens, at the Western Australian Botanic Garden, the Place of Reflection landscape includes a striking new commemorative pavilion with floating contemplation platforms overlooking the Kings Park bushland of the Mt Eliza Escarpment.

By entering the Place of Reflection, people are in the heart of nature where the sun, dramatic skies, poetic shifts of light and shade, the flow of water and breezes, the sounds of birds and the fragrances of the Australian bush envelop you. The Place of Reflection has a timeless quality that will be enjoyed for generations to come.

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