Sea Play on the Bay, Busselton

Busselton Foreshore Playspace, named Sea Play on the Bay, opened to the public on the 2nd November 2018. Sea Play on the Bay’s design was inspired by the city’s maritime history and coastal landscape.


2019 - AILA National Landscape Architecture Award of Excellence
2019 - PLA WA Park of the Year Award

Parks & Recreation
City of Busselton
Project Status
Completed 2018

Our response to the brief from the client, which envisioned a traditional seaside playground with strong maritime themes, was to challenge conventional playground concepts by altering the arrangement and form of the specified elements through unique bespoke designs. This brings a different perspective to the play experience and a greater sense of adventure, fun and engagement.

The centrepiece of the playground is the impressive bespoke designed clipper ship which represents the clipper ships that transported goods and people from Busselton Jetty.

The ship is positioned so that it feels like it is leaving land and heading out to sea towards Perth. This is accentuated by the lean on the ship toward the beach, the view of the ocean from the deck and the creation of a deck wave at the bow.

The playspace offers a wide range of play activities including a large climbing net, crows nest, ships wheel, telescope, cannon, anchor seat, packing crate climbing boxes and climbing nets to provide multiple access points. To really bring the space to life, the ship is also surrounded by marine wildlife with an awesome giant squid emerging from the sand and a gigantic whale tail water spout.

The result is a quirky, original, fun new take on a seaside playground that respects the location and its prominence in WA maritime history

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