The Glades Estate, Byford

PLAN E has worked on The Glades Estate from the project inception in 2005, and participated in early site planning with the project team to identify key site characteristics worthy of retention and incorporation into the plan for this large master-planned community which will eventually house 10,000 people.


2011 HIA Greensmart Awards, Residential Development

LWP Byford Syndicate
Project Status

The site planning and landscape design focuses on the retention of mature avenues of eucalypts planted by early settlers to define property boundaries and provide windbreaks, the retention of areas of natural remnant vegetation, and the retention or re-use into the project of mature Erythrina trees planted by early settlers around their homesteads. Preservation of views to the nearby Darling Scarp also informed site planning, as well as the retention and enhancement of existing creek lines as recreational and ecological corridors that also perform an important drainage function. This planning strategy has embedded the natural and cultural heritage values of the site into the project, helping to establish a strong sense of place.

PLAN E was an integral team member in the planning and design of the village centre which establishes a distinctive heart for the estate, focussed around a lake and associated parkland with views to the Scarp; a defining feature of the district. The civic nature of the village centre has been reinforced with the completion of the ANZAC Memorial Park in 2015 which serves as the official ANZAC memorial for the Byford district and was designed in consultation with the local RSL and the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale.

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