PLAN E’s Melbourne studio update

August 20, 2020

It certainly is a challenging time in Melbourne at the moment and our thoughts are very much with our fellow Victorians at this time!

It is now just over 2 years since we opened our Melbourne Studio and whilst the state grapples with the ongoing implications of COVID-19,  our team is continuing to progress strongly through a number of exciting projects. In recent times we have successfully overseen the construction of the first stages of works at True North for Satterley Property Group and Lumeah for Peet Limited.

We are also utilising our significant experience and skills in community master planning, visioning and collaboration across a number of local government areas to create and refine lasting, sustainable and valuable communities in greenfields areas. Some of the community projects we are currently contributing to include:

  • Botanical (Lindum Vale PSP – Satterley Property Group);
  • St Helena (Satterley Property Group);
  • True North (Satterley Property Group);
  • Carlingford (Cedar Woods);
  • McMullen Road Officer (Topgan);
  • Ridgelea and Ridgelea Town Centre (Parklea);
  • Lightwood (Peet Ltd)
  • Coridale (Villawood); and
  • Greigs Road (Villawood)

In addition to our work in the green fields space, we are also applying our considerable expertise and experience in the apartment living, aged care and architectural streams for a wide of variety of clients. A number of these projects are nearing the completion of detailed design and will be under construction in the near future.

We are proud of the progress we have made over the last 2 years and the contribution we have made within Victoria during this time. Despite the challenges that we currently face, we remain committed to continuing to contribute strongly to the creation of unique places, lasting communities and environmentally sustainable solutions.

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